Also worked to fix connection issue with a 1st gen ipad.

Had been connected fine in the past, but along the way the bluetooth connections seem to get corrupted.

For the ipad, the only difference in instructions is to click on the ipads settings icon (the grey gear symbol), then click on bluetooth, (make sure bluetooth is on, btw).

There is no set up bluetooth device selection, just a list of currently or previously connected devices. Likely your apple keyboard may not be evident here.

If it is, you may want to click on arrow to the right and select forget this device in the menu that opens if youve been unable to connect.

Then, do as instructed here, hold down power button continuously on keyboard that has been shut off.

The keyboard should now appear on list, (on mine it shows in black type whereas other devices appear in blue type.) After you select it, there will not be a continue command, but pairing window should just appear.

Ok now to let go of button, enter the pairing code, and it shoud show connected to the right of the apple keyboard device on list.

It may say, so--sos keyboard with your name unless its a brand new keyboard.

Was going nuts trying to figure this out then my husband came across your article and fixed it on the spot thank you!!

My husband and i tried everything we could think of, even things i read in the imac for dummies (im not very computer-savy)! Nothing was working, tried new batteries, found the power button on the keyboard, etc. For 2 weeks, i couldnt really use my computer, just my phone.

In desperation, i kept trying ideas from websitesand finally found yours on my phone.

I tried it 4 or 5 times trying to type in the code, as my keyboard finally was recognized.

Then the computer said it didnt connect until my husband restarted the computer.

First it would display the name of the keyboard in the tablet, but not connect.

Then i umpaired them, turned all bluetooth devices of and tried to pair it again with my ipad.

Then the keyboards name disappeared and now it is just label as keyboad.

It seems that my keyboard behaves ike its paired to some goshtly device that doesnt exists.

When i turn it on, the led wont blink as when it is umpaired and now the other devices are only able to see the keyboard when its being turned on.

No device (iphone, ipad, macbook) can now pair to it.

Ive replaces the batteries, fresh, new, and not rechargable; ive pressed down the power button, but it seems that it is paired to something even if im in the middle of nowehere, with no bluetooth devices on, the thing thinks its paired to a ghostly mac. Update: while writting this, the problem was magically solved.

It happens that my colleague paired his iphone to my keyboard one day and had forgotten i swear he was there with me in the middle of nowehere where i was testing the keyboard.

And now that ive decided to test again in the office, i touched the play key and his music comes on.

I have an imac and the bluetooth mouse and keyboard stopped responding last week.

At first the bluetooth connection was dropping and reconnecting every 30 seconds or so.

When i was able to connect i went through the pram and smc reset and that didnt fix it.

I went and bought a usb mouse and keyboard thinking it was just a bluetooth issue but those do not work either.